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Why BirdsEye?

Because Technology Has Evolved Well Beyond SCADA for MES

Sure, these were once powerful systems, but like dial-up Internet, more efficient solutions appeared as technology advanced. So instead of expanding limited technological platforms, we created the world's first Automated Process Control System. And we eliminated those three PLC technological hurdles.

Birdseye only occupies about 1K of PLC memory — ideal for after-market integration. All information originates at the PLC level and is stored with 100% data retention by a real-time, cross-platform, ultra-low bandwidth communications methodology.

Your facility can convert plant-floor data into valuable real-time decision-making knowledge — at all levels of your company — without slowing your manufacturing, stamping, or assembly processes in any way.

You will receive unbiased, immediately actionable information — not mere chunks of data — in real-time. End users across the plant or across the company will receive pertinent information customized to their job function.

If you are missing a piece of the Quality Puzzle, we
have good news:

With a simple change, you can take charge and...
  • Raise awareness — improve the timeliness and benefit of executive decision-making
  • Drive accountability — make all information readily available to all team members
  • Automate the continuous capture and storage of machine performance and status information from every PLC and IIoT Device
  • Keep your system modern
  • Use minimal PLC resources
Make one phone call to take another positive step towards greater profitability and continuous improvement.

How can the InVanse® BirdsEye Automated Process Control System transform your operations?

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