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What makes InVanse® and the InVanse® BirdsEye System unique?

INVANSE SERVICES - What Makes Us Different:
  1. Unique Industry Knowledge

    (We are Engineers. We are Programmers. We are Stampers!)
    Brad Boyer, Founder of InVanse Tech, has spent the past 30+ years working in the Stamping Industry. His background as both an Electrical Controls Engineer and PC Programmer, along with the experience accumulated in stamping plants of all sizes around the globe, capped with the desire to optimize stamping systems and determination, continue to place him and his team in a small and very unique class.
  2. Willingness to get involved

    (We execute what we recommend)
    InVanse’s willingness, and desire, to be deeply involved in our customers organizations with the objective of improving the operations of each, further places them in a small and very unique class.
  3. We become members of your management team when permitted
    We step up and speak honestly and intelligently to the people at all levels of each of our customers, place us in a very small and very unique class.
  4. Education and Training
    We provide the education (theoretical - the why) and training (practical - the how) and add to the engineering expertise of your staff through our knowledge of the manufacturing process.
INVANSE PRODUCTS - What Makes Us Different:
  1. Process Control Depth (we truly start from the beginning, identify problems and point to solutions)
    The product BirdsEye, which is the result of tools developed and used, addressing the most specific and tedious issues on the production floor, along with providing broad comprehensive information to those interested in and able to understand, is, in a small and very unique class of it's own.
  2. Unobtrusive - the depth does not impair production
    The tool BirdsEye, does its work existing within the very device driving the most elemental instruction of a plant's production without interference, capacity consumption or hindrance of production activity on which it is reporting. Placing it in it's own distinct class.
  3. Independent ... and can feed any Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system
    The tool BirdsEye, is entirely independent and serves its complete purpose without the need for any outside systems or applications, but can fit easily underneath an ERP system and provide it with real time production data. Placing it in a very small and very unique class.
  4. Unbiased Information
    The product BirdsEye, obtains and stores its data, and delivers its information in a manner that makes it completely unbiased. It is incapable of being tampered with, modified or spun to hide or enhance a story, again putting it in a small and very unique class.
Each of these items in and of themselves are unique in their own right, adding any two, when properly understood, would be considered extraordinary, taken together it is, when used as intended, nothing short of explosive. In the seemingly small niche of domestic manufacturing we make a real difference - and we do it every day!
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