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The InVanse® BirdsEye Automated Process Control System uniquely combines the technical elements of an automated manufacturing process into a single information platform designed to keep all team members aware of process status. BirdsEye does this by providing a visual depiction and real-time issue escalation alerting of plant activity to those who need it most, when they need it most.
InVanse® BirdsEye Automated Process Control Viewing
BirdsEye Overview (Desktop Viewing)
BirdsEye Overview presents a detailed view of your manufacturing process. It displays key production information in real-time to those who depend on timely, accurate, and concise details. It empowers plant personnel to improve over-all productivity by enabling them to accurately identify the causes of inefficient processes and production-losses.
  • Real-time reporting
  • Graphical presentation
  • Trend identification
  • Shift statistics
  • Run statistics
BirdsEye Mobile (Mobile Viewing)
BirdsEye Mobile allows users to view real-time production information on a remote wireless device such as an Android™ enabled smartphone or tablet. It allows users to stay in touch with their production process wherever, whenever.
  • Real-time production awareness
  • Concentrated Overview
  • Portable smartphone access
  • Always ON!
BirdsEye Web (Web Viewing)
BirdsEye Web allows the user to view an abbreviated Overview display in any web browser (such as Chrome or Firefox) over any Internet connection.
  • Concentrated Overview
  • Remote Web Access
  • Graphical presentation
  • Shift statistics
  • Run statistics
InVanse® BirdsEye Automated Process Control Alerting
BirdsEye Alert (Automated Alerting)
BirdsEye Alert constantly analyses process states of your entire manufacturing operation. Critical line status is automatically annunciated via TXT, alpha-page, or e-mail to enhance decision making and reduce loss-time due to slow information distribution. It can also be used as an automated issue escalation system, so only those that need to know will be informed.
  • Automated issue escalation
  • Process event alerts
  • Recipe change alerts
  • Engineering alerts
  • PLC Force alerts
  • Infrastructure issue alerts
  • Alert history reports
  • Per user configuration
InVanse® BirdsEye Key Process Indicator Tracking, Trending, and Awareness
BirdsEye Downtime (Process Downtime Tracking)
BirdsEye Downtime automatically collects downtime information directly from all manufacturing process assets. Users are able to properly determine the true nature of the downtime and therefore be better equipped to make decisions regarding engineering modifications to the automated equipment and/or materials being processed.
  • Automatically collects and correlates downtime info
  • Complete historical reports
  • Properly identify downtime issues
  • Reduces manual entry at floor
BirdsEye Recipe (Operator Parameter Tracking)
BirdsEye Recipe monitors the process information for indications of Recipe Parameter changes and, when detected, records the Active Recipe Parameters for comparison with the previous settings for that recipe. Any altered values can be viewed in Overview and/or can be accessed by the BirdsEye Programmer Toolkit for further analysis.
  • Key parameter range checking
  • Parameter change impact
  • Plant-wide parameter analysis
  • Complete recipe change tracking
BirdsEye Force (PLC Force Tracking)
BirdsEye Force provides access to current status of all site-wide PLC I/O Forces, as well as the historic force state changes, for each PLC. It can also provide alerts when forces are introduced, change state, or are removed. BirdsEye Force keeps your engineering and management personnel in real-time touch with your Machine Operations & PLCs.
  • Critical State Alerting
  • Plant-wide monitoring
  • Machine damage prevention
  • Complete change history
BirdsEye SPC (Statistical Process Control)
The BirdsEye SPC component, coupled with existing PLC, IIoT wireless sensor networks, and Vital Process Instrumentation, detects subtle operating variations which, when trending poorly, can be automatically identified and alerted well in advance of an excessive downtime event.
  • Discrete signal timing
  • Analog value transitions
  • Operator interactions
  • Helm Tonnage Monitoring
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Et al.
InVanse® BirdsEye Automated Process Control Toolkits
Detailed Engineering Analytics
BirdsEye Engineer Toolkit allows engineering to monitor the machine PLC's for status, warnings, and fault conditions associated with any connected PLC. It also allows engineering personnel to customize, capture, and analyze process and machine related issues.
  • Access to all process & engineering information
  • Fast filter process control info
  • 24/7 Plantwide SPC with Alerting
Programmer Interface (API)
BirdsEye Programmer Toolkit allows any user developed application to extract BirdsEye information for display and/or calculation in any common program such as Microsoft Excel VBA. Plant personnel can easily interpret real-time results, monitor production status and efficiency, and study long-term trending for any manufacturing asset.
  • Feed ERP/MES/MRP
  • Feed Stamping Supplier Remote Support Systems
  • Microsoft® .NET interface
  • Microsoft® Excel VBA
  • In-depth Industrial Engineering process analysis
  • Complete Access to All Info
InVanse® BirdsEye Value-Add Services
BirdsEye Training
A Process Control System is only as good as the knowledge and understanding of the organization that makes use of it. The BirdsEye Training series helps to prepare our customers to fully utilize all the capabilities of BirdsEye. As always, our aim is to drive positive and consistent change to our customer's bottom line.
  • BirdsEye System Introduction
  • Using the BirdsEye viewing modules
  • Using BirdsEye descriptive analytics
  • Configuration of the BirdsEye System
  • Et al.
BirdsEye Support
The BirdsEye Support service virtually guarantees a pertetually up-to-date system. InVanse simplifies the update process by rolling out new software via a secure VPN connection to the Server PC locating at the plant level.
  • System Maintenance
  • Technical Support
  • System Updates
  • Custom Programming
BirdsEye Education
The BirdsEye Education series of classes are designed to enable and encourage your engineering and planning staff a deeper analysis. These classes will bring your plant's overall awareness to a level seldom seen.
  • Real-time Information Creation, Collection and Usage
  • Raising Plant-wide Awareness
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Programmatic Analysis
  • Et al.
Virtual Industrial Engineering
With all of the InVanse® BirdsEye components in place, now the real work begins. You can realize even more production gains by putting our 42+ years of experience to work for you.
  • Multiplies Your Investment
  • Real-time "OnStar" like Remote Analysis
  • Local Implementation
  • Automate More of Your Operations
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