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InVanse® BirdsEye Automated Process Control System Value Proposition

BirdsEye is a fully automatic process monitoring and control system. It comprises best-in-class Software, Software Support, Training, Education, and specialized Industrial Engineering tools. With the complete BirdsEye system at use in your plant(s), your execution teams can rapidly improve their ability to overcome the "entropy effect" with the highly systematic approach of the BirdsEye "enthalpy effect."

( noun  |  en·tro·py  |  en-truh-pee )

the natural tendency towards disorder, has and always will be the number one enemy of stable and consistent manufacturing production.
( noun  |  en·thal·py  |  en-thal-pee )

the required effort towards order, is the antidote to entropy, in this case BirdsEye.
1. BIRDSEYE: The Key to beating Entropy in your Plant

2. SUPPORT: Annual Software Maintenance & Support

Annual software maintenance and support contracts are available with pricing based on 15% of the total BirdsEye installation cost assessed at the beginning of each calendar year. A quotation detailing the year's support cost will be issued one month prior to the beginning of each support year.
  • General
    • Base system annual upgrades
    • Market driven software development
  • Customer Specific
    • Software and software template development
3. TRAINING: Standard BirdsEye Process Control System

Designed to empower plant personnel to utilize as much of the BirdsEye System for maximum possible benefit to your teams.
  • BE101: BirdsEye Process Control System introduction
  • BE102: Interpreting and using the BirdsEye viewing modules for real-time Process Control analysis
  • BE103: Interpreting and using BirdsEye descriptive analytics for historical analysis
  • BE104: Understanding and configuration of the BirdsEye modules
4. EDUCATION: Advanced Theory and Application of the BirdsEye System

Designed to empower forward thinking management and execution teams.
  • BE401: Theory and application of "Real-time Information Creation, Collection and Usage" with BirdsEye
  • BE402: Theory and application of "Raising Plant-wide Awareness" with BirdsEye
  • BE403: Theory and application of "Engineering Analysis" with BirdsEye
  • BE404: Theory and application of "Programmatic Analysis" with BirdsEye
5. VIRTUAL INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING: Sustained Quality & Continuous Improvement

Designed as a catalyst to executing positive and permanent change in production systems. It is also designed to build cohesive industry expert teams with razor sharp vision leading to identifying and solving any number of process related issues.

With the InVanse® BirdsEye Automated Process Control System installed, and supplying the information feed to everyone in need, the next step becomes obvious; improve and sustain all plant processes.

With Virtual Industrial Engineering, a hybrid of automated information and human analysis, identifying the next low fruit becomes almost completely automatic.

It is the desire of InVanse to help our customers develop focused initiatives with clear goals and measurable outcomes; all related to building up the bottom line.

With each successive step, InVanse adds another magnitude of value by helping our customers to achieve a greater degree of Plant Enthalpy (order):

Virtual Engineering Virtual Engineering BirdsEye Education BirdsEye Education BirdsEye Training BirdsEye Training BirdsEye Support BirdsEye Support BirdsEye System BirdsEye System
InVanse® BirdsEye Automated Process Control System (Value vs. Time)

Make one phone call to take another positive step towards greater profitability and continuous improvement.

How can the InVanse® BirdsEye Automated Process Control System transform your operations?

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